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Profile Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium - 2 Gallons / 7.57L
Profile Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium
Profile Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium 2 Gallons / 7.57L

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The perfect growing medium for all fruits, vegetables and flowering plants!

Grow like a pro! Now for the first time, this proven product is available to instantly improve hydroponic environments to help plants thrive. Profile® Professional Hydroponic Growth Medium is engineered from a natural blend of porous ceramic particles.
It stores oxygen and nutrients in the root zone making it extremely forgiving. Take your grow to a professional level!

Chosen by NASA® for the International Space Station! Profile porous ceramic particles met the strictest requirements of NASA®, and were selected over competitive materials as the ideal hydroponic medium for growing plants in space.


  • Used by professional growers for high-value crops like tomatoes, orchids and bonsai plants.
  • Stores nutrients, reduces leaching.
  • Particles wick and hold water internally while maintaining ideal air space.
  • Contains high nutrient holding capacity enhanced with zeolite.
  • Inert, reusable. No rinsing required.
  • Replaces all other hydroponic mediums such as Growstone® and Hydrocorn®.
  • Ideal for manually irrigated drip systems, drip irrigated containers, Ebb-flow systems and NFT tables.
It is recommended to use 100% Profile by volume in the growing mix.

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Weight: Approximately 10-11 lbs.

"Calcined clay products by Profile® are my first choice for a hydroponic medium for our research and teaching crops. The high CEC, proper pH and water-holding capacity have helped us develop protocols that have been adopted all over the world." Rob Eddy - Plant Growth Facilities Manager, Purdue University

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