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® Products - Solutions for your Environment

Profile Products delivers proven solutions for many different environments--all with an eye toward being friendly to the environment. From erosion control and vegetative establishment to sports field conditioning and golf course construction and maintenance, Profile brings knowledgeable people, purpose-driven products and groundbreaking technology on-site for you. Count on the world-class performance of Profile Products for your environment.

Erosion & Vegetation

Green Design Engineering balances natural variables to create cost-effective and earth-friendly solutions. Learn More

Turface Athletics

Turface® products manage moisture, improve drainage and keep skinned surfaces safe and playable across more sports fields than any other brand. Learn More

Profile Golf

Through construction, renovation and maintenance, we can provide cost-effective root zones, vegetation establishment and erosion control solutions. Learn More


Profile's line of lawn & garden and turf establishment products are proven to create the ideal root zone environment for plants to thrive. Learn More